Breaking News: Urgent Alert – Tropical Storm Greg Looms: Is Hawaii’s Calm About to Shatter?

Breaking News: Urgent Alert on Hawaii Wildfire

A tropical depression has emerged in the far western region of the East Pacific and is potentially on track to pass to the south of Hawaii as it develops into a tropical storm, as indicated by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Anticipated to gather strength within the upcoming hours, the system is set to be designated as Tropical Storm Greg. Its projected trajectory is westward, with the potential to traverse south of Hawaii between Wednesday and Thursday.

While this storm is predicted to follow a similar path south of Hawaii as Hurricane Dora did, the impact is expected to be considerably less severe, according to insights from the National Weather Service (NWS) based in Honolulu.

Comparing the current conditions to those during Hurricane Dora’s passage, the NWS emphasizes distinct differences. Notably, the high-pressure system located north of Hawaii has shifted notably further north compared to its position during Dora’s occurrence. Additionally, the projected tropical storm is anticipated to maintain a significantly lower intensity as it skirts the islands. These factors combine to result in only breezy winds anticipated from Tuesday through Thursday.

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