The MPP for Perth-Wellington announces funding for a regional manufacturer.

On May 3, Perth-Wellington MPP Matthew Rae visited Trusscore in Palmerston to announce a $1.5 million Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness award for the business.

The province’s regional development programme includes a grant programme, and according to Rae, the program’s objectives are to mobilise private investment and collaborate with companies to sustain and generate jobs.

“The Regional Development Programme, which has a few streams, has leveraged over $160 million so far and created 1,500 jobs across Ontario. 68 of those jobs will be created locally, so it’s good that we continue to retain those jobs in Ontario and here in Palmerston, because we are in a globally competitive environment,” said Rae.

Rae claims that the money would help Trusscore develop their company and add 68 new positions there along with their $10 million investment. According to the province administration, since 2019 the Regional Development Programme has allocated more than $81 million to 75 projects. Rae adds that the funding will aid in addressing a number of difficulties the manufacturing industry has, chief among them being staffing.

“It gives possibilities for people with backgrounds in engineering or research and development to move to rural Ontario and live there. They pay taxes there and spend their money here, so it all sort of works together in that sense and supports the local community. It also serves as a great reminder to others of the unique work being done in Ontario, said Rae.

According to CEO Dave Caputo, Trusscore is pleased to receive this investment from the government. The company creates sustainable housing and construction materials, including alternatives to conventional plasterboard and constructions based on agriculture. He claims that this will be really helpful for them as they prepare to expand and add those 68 new jobs.

“It’s a fantastic place to build a manufacturing team, and we’ve had other plants, we have one in Calgary, Alberta, and we’ve had plants in the United States, and we’re just finding that rural Ontario is just a great place to expand,” Caputo said.

Caputo adds that receiving direct government assistance, notably from MPP Rae, has been quite helpful.

Actually, it’s been a pleasure. It really is a hand in a glove, said Caputo. “This was a programme that was there, sophisticated manufacturing. We view ourselves as that, we see ourselves as being extremely inventive, and we know that rural Ontario is a terrific area to be competitive on a worldwide scale.

Regarding the company, Caputo explains that Trusscore is implementing several novel ideas regarding secure and environmentally friendly building materials in a variety of industries.

According to Caputo, “Trusscore is a material science company for sustainable building materials with the ultimate vision of replacing painted plasterboard. We’re having a lot of success in the residential market, but many people in the area will be aware of us because we’re in agriculture, which is where our roots are. So, if you want something that is completely water resistant, mould and mildew resistant, and virus resistant for your barns, sheds, garages, and homes, you can put Trusscore on those walls and have a happier, healthier, and more productive stable of animals.

As local manufacturers expand and add more well-paying jobs in their communities, our government is proud to assist them, said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, in a statement made public by the province. “Investing in these kinds of neighbourhood improvement initiatives will support the growth of Ontario’s economy. We are grateful to Trusscore for their substantial contributions to their community and to the vibrant and expanding industrial industry in our province.

The Regional Development Program’s Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness stream was recently introduced by the government. Visit this website at for additional information on the programme.

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